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Welcome to the home of the New Descendants on the web.

This web page is intended to provide useful information for current and prospective members of ND. If there's any information missing that you'd like to see, please let me know. And if you're not already a member, but think that you'd fit in to our dysfunctional little family, then again, let me know.

Fanjita Ovem
Farstar server


New Descendants is one of the longest established Player Associations (also known as Guilds, or Clans) on the Europe-Farstar server of the Star Wars Galaxies massively-multiplayer online roleplaying game. We're actually a part of a much older and larger parent guild, The Descendants, which plays together across many different MMO games - e.g. World of Warcraft, Everquest II, City of Heroes.

The New Descendants is based on the basic principles of fun and mutual support. We aim to provide an atmosphere where we group together to have more fun, and where every member of the guild contributes whatever they can to help everyone else out, and in return receives whatever support and help that they themselves need. For example, our guild doctors provide free buffs to their guildmates, in the knowledge that if they need any help gathering resources etc. to make those buffs, then they'll get that help from the rest of the guild. Because of this supportive attitude, we're a particularly good home for new players.

We don't have any restrictions on physical age, sex, race or nationality, so long as members have emotional maturity, helpfulness and mutual respect for each other. We currently have a mix of mostly British and North American players, and a smaller number of other Europeans.

The City of Talryyn  

The guild is based in the city of Talryyn, on Corellia (rough coordinates 2420 2450, near Doaba Guerfel). All guild members are members of the city, but not all citizens are guild members.

The city has around 70 citizens, which means it's currently a little short of 'metropolis' status. We have all the available city facilities, i.e.

  • City hall
  • Shuttleport
  • Cantina
  • Hospital
  • Cloning centre
  • Shopping mall (in the guildhall)
  • Bank
  • Vehicle garage
  • Research centre specialisation

Our mayor is Deekev. Guild members are encouraged to contribute spare cash to the city treasury, and to vote for Deekev on every election cycle (so that he gets quicker politician XP).

Nearest facilities not in the city:

Facility Location Approx. distance
Rebel recruiter Various rebel bases around the city. 300m
Starport Doaba Guerfel 3000m

Online resources  

The parent Descendants guild has a website, including forums, here.

Fanjita runs an email alerts system that can notify you automatically, twice a day, of any changes to information relevant to you on Send an in-game email if you want to be added to the system.

There are 2 in-game chat channels. The 'TY' channel is used for general chat amongst all Talryyn citizens, and should be used in preference for most chat. The guildchat channel is available only to full guild members, and should be limited to guild-specific conversations.

Who's Who  
Guild members are invited to submit information about their characters for publication here.
Name Skills Description
Areth Vo-Shey
Bewu Best-dressed fish in the galaxy...
BigSlim Ebedee
Decklin Dar'Mandra
Deekev Master Politician, Master Shipwright, Master Artisan, Master Tailor, Merchant
Fanjita Ovem Combat Medic/Squad Leader Your ever-loving guild leader, always eager to help out - just ask.
Isrem Ovani
Jorrail Leader of Delta Squadron
Lachrain Master Riflewoman, Master Medic, Master Combat Medic
Lochran Ovani Jedi Knight
Nebis Duke
Nippo Nani-Ragel
Phoenixfett Teras Kasi Master, Creature Handler Leader of the Fallen Angel Squadron
Rodai Marken Base buster Fanjita's 3rd account, used for GCW base raids.
Rok Tar
Scratchen Sniff Droid Engineer/Master Artisan/TKM Fanjita's secondary character. Struggling to find a working identity after the CU
Siben Duke Dread Durni-lord. Man of mystery. Master of close shaves with a vibro-knuckler.
Ssibo Muis
Stinky's Little Helper
Zedly Axis
Zieke Malis

Alternatively, if you're looking for someone with a particular skill:

Profession Who
Architect Tche, Simsim
Armoursmith Ssibo
Bio-Engineer Decklin
Bounty Hunter Zieke, Josie
Carbineer Josie
Chef Stinky's
Combat Medic Fanjita, Lachrain
Commando Theodore, Jorrail
Creature Handler Theodore, Phoenixfett
Dancer Ackik, Alayeni
Doctor Snilo, Teashirt, Dattihovaa
Droid Engineer Scratchen, Rok
Fencer Alayeni, Jorrail
Image Designer Nippo
Jedi Lochran, + [ask Fanjita]
Merchant Snilo, Deekev
Musician Ackik
Pistoleer Zieke
Politician Deekev
Rifleman Lachrain
Shipwright Deekev
Smuggler Datti, El-Sar-Kay
Squad Leader Fanjita, Cango
Swordsman Lachrain, Dattihovaa, Ssibo
Tailor Lachrain, Alayeni
Teras Kasi Artist Masta-Mind, Scratchen, Phoenixfett

Guild Officers  

Guild leader is Fanjita Ovem.
Guild officers are : Alayeni, Dattivohaa, Isrem, Jorrail and Lochran.


We welcome any friendly and mature players as new citizens of Talryyn. Recruitment into the guild is by invitation only. Typically, new or prospective citizens who seem to fit in well will be invited for trial membership into the guild.

Trial membership lasts for a week or two, during which the new member is expected to socialise as much as possible with the guild. At the end of the trial period, if a favourable impression has been made on rest of the guild, the recruit will be upgraded to full membership.

The trial membership period may be waived for people recommended directly by existing guild members.

Events Calendar  

Times below are usually given in UK time (GMT for winter, BST for daylight-savings). For simple conversion to common timezones:
Location Timezone Difference Time at 8pm UK time
Most of Europe Central European Time +1 hour 9pm
Coastal Western USA + Canada Pacific Time -8 hours 12 noon
Inland Western USA + Canada Mountain Time -7 hours 1pm
Central USA + Canada Central Time -6 hours 2pm
Eastern USA + Canada Eastern Time -5 hours 3pm

Date Time Meeting Place Event
Sun Feb 13 19:00 GMT TY Cantina Mellichae Quest
Sat Feb 19 19:00 GMT TY Cantina The Warren, Dantooine
Sun Mar 6 20:00 GMT TY Cantina Out-of-body hunting
Sat Apr 23 20:00 BST TY Cantina Multiplayer Space Missions

The New Descendants have close associations with DMA, RRC and T-S guilds, as well as being part of the larger Alliance of rebel guilds on FarStar.


Exploiters Fair play is important to this guild. Definitive proof of any guild member exploiting bugs in the game will result in immediate dismissal from the guild. This includes jedi FRS "fight clubs", which although defined as legal by SOE, are clearly immoral.
Galactic Civil War The New Descendants are committed to an honourable approach to the Galactic Civil War. This means that we will always approach bases as Special Forces, to allow defenders a chance to defend, and we will always show appropriate respect for our opponents.

Any comments, please contact