Guide to the Corellian Corvette  
The corvette is a tough mission on board a spaceship. The maximum group size is 10 people, there's a time limit of 1 hour, and you have the place entirely to yourselves for the duration of the mission.

There are 3 different missions:
  • Free a prisoner.
  • Assassinate a baddie.
  • Destroy the corvette.
for 3 different factions (Rebel, Imperial, Neutral - Jabba).

For successfully completing each mission, you get a badge plus a schematic for an AV-21 landspeeder - so that's a total of 9 badges available.

The corvette has changed a fair bit since publish 19. Look for an update here soon.

Getting there  
To get to the corvette, the group leader needs a ticket. This is obtained by talking to a mission-giver, then looting documents from 3 different POIs, and bringing them back to him.

Actually, only 1 of the POIs has what you need, so if you pick the right one first, you don't need to visit the others. The right document has an obvious name, e.g. "Imperial Prisoner Transfer Schedule". You don't have to go back to the mission-giver between POIs, so you can keep trying until you find the right place.

At each POI, you'll find a container with a "Search" option on the radial menu - visible only to the player with the mission. Searching this will give you the document for that POI - you don't have to complete the cave or whatever. See Quick reference for all the waypoints.

Going in  
Before you head to the corvette, insure your items, and store anything that you don't want to decay, you can use the bank, or a storage droid. There usually aren't any insurance terminals near the departure point, and you're likely to have to clone a few times. Note that if you're doing the rebel or imperial missions, then so long as you insured (and are killed by a stormie/rebel, rather than SBD) you won't suffer decay.

Once you've got the ticket, assemble the team at the departure shuttle. Make sure you're all fully-buffed and loaded up with your favourite foods - you'll need 'em, and you can't buff once you're on board. My favourite foods for the trip are:
  • Ahrisa/Vasarian Brandy/Vagnerian Canapes: For mind buffing.
  • Synthsteak: reduces the damage you take from hits.
  • Air Cake or Pikatta Pie: Improves your dodge skill (especially good for pistoleer or fencer - should make you virtually untouchable).
  • Vercupti: Boosts health, action and mind by 1000 each. But very filling, and doesn't last long.
The departure shuttles are:
  • Imperial: Dunno. Emperor's Retreat?
  • Rebel: Round the left-hand side of the Rebel Hideout on Corellia.
  • Neutral: Round the back of Jabba's Palace.
The ticket holder (who must be group leader) goes up to the guy at the shuttle and talks to him. When you say "let's go" or whatever the option is, everyone in the team gets a box saying "do you want to travel? Yes or No". That box will time out - so make sure no-one is AFK at the time (this happened to me once).

Team composition  
The ideal corvette team includes lots of heavy firepower, lots of healers, some stealth, and some tanks with good defence. Most of the mobs have low defences for electricity, acid and blast damage, and especially lightsaber.

So, some good professions to have are:
  • Doctor: You'll die a lot. Resurrections will avoid wounds and decay.
  • Jedi: Great for dealing damage to everything, but vulnerable if they don't have a tank to distract incoming damage.
  • Combat Medic: Some of the mobs dish out huge amounts of damage to lots of people at once. CMs throwing area heals can be essential.
  • Commando: Useful for bringing down the bigger mobs quickly - especially by putting fire DoTs onto SBDs
  • Bounty Hunter: Good electrical damage.
  • Smuggler: Can use feign death to sneak past tough mobs that the whole party doesn't need to pass, e.g. to get access codes.
  • Swordsman: Excellent melee damage dealer, good tank, good armour-piercing.
  • Fencer: Excellent tank, but low damage output.
  • Pikeman: Reasonable electrical damage, good armour-piercing, OK tank.
  • Rifleman: With an acid or T21 rifle can take down mind pools very quickly.
I've also had a little success with giving each team member a tank droid, with auto-heal. These can distract the mobs for a little while, but they use a lot of battery power so keep recharging them whenever you can. They also won't last long against the tougher mobs, and it can be confusing to have 10 droids running around at once.


  • Always walk (hold down -SHIFT-, or (better) turn off "Player Runs By Default" - under Ctrl-O -> Controls). Most of the time you can just walk straight by the baddies, and they'll ignore you.
  • Have a designated leader, and follow their orders. The leader should also call targets - everyone attacks the designated target until it is dead.
  • Working slowly and methodically is generally safest. It is possible to just run around solo if you've got good defences and know your way around, but that becomes unworkable in a group.
  • Stay close together as a group. Isolated players can quickly get themselves killed.
  • Have pets or other tanks attack the mobs first, this will reduce the hits taken by other team members.
  • Medics should use "drag" to move casualties out of the combat zone before healing.
  • Never ever use area attacks, unless you want the whole ship's crew kicking your head in at once.
  • Keep your overhead map active, and take note of the locations of the baddies as you move around. You can usually avoid trouble by sneaking through when an area is empty.
  • Mobs will generally not follow you through elevators - so plan an escape route via an elevator for when things get too heavy. But don't stay in the elevator - they can shoot through the floor, unless you step just outside it.
  • I have heard claims that aggroing the SBDs on the top floor will avoid aggro in other SBD rooms. I can't vouch for this myself though.
  • Most operations and loots can be done by sneaking up to the door of a room, then targetting the object you need to interact with. Actually going into the room is often not necessary.
See here for maps of the interior.

The basic walkthrough is the same for all 3 mission types.

You start in the docking bay of the corvette {Start/Clone on the map}. While you're waiting for everyone to arrive, call your pets and say your prayers.

When everyone's ready, walk all the way along the corridor ahead of you, dealing with a few mobs on the way, until you enter an elevator {E2}. When everyone is inside, go down, and take out the guard just outside the elevator.

Come out of the elevator, and take the right fork. At the T junction, head left. The first door on the left is the meeting room {MR}. If you're lucky, one of the team will be able to stand by the door and look inside the room. If they can see a terminal on the wall just to the right of the door {ES}, they should operate it to unlock the elevators, and you can skip ahead to Elevators unlocked. Otherwise, you'll have to do things the hard way:

Go back along the corridor, take the right-hand passage, turn left into the elevator {E2} again. Go up.

Walk along the corridor, take the first door on the right, turn right again, and walk along until you reach the next door. Wait here until the corridor round to the right is clear. You're going to go right, then into the big rectangular room on the left. In the middle of the left wall of that room is a cupboard, containing an R4 droid {DM}. Searching that droid will give you a droid module. I suggest having the tanks enter the room to distract the mobs, while one person heads to the cupboard to get the module.

Once you've got the module, head out of the room, and down the corridors right, left, left, right - back into the starting corridor. Head along this corridor towards the start, but turn through the door on the left before you get there.

Follow this corridor along then slanting left. Stop inside the corridor, and kill the 2 patrolling guards ahead. If you stay inside the slanting corridor while you kill them, there's less risk of aggro from the nearby SBDs. Once the 2 guards are dead, turn left and walk forwards into the elevator {E1}. Go up.

There will be some mobs (about 2) patrolling the corridor. Wait by the lift to ambush them and finish them off.

Follow the corridor around the corner, and enter the first room on the right {D4}. (should be 2 mobs in here). There's a chest in the corner of the room - search it and grab "Disk # 4". Leave the room.

The next room along the corridor has an armoire container which sometimes has loot {L1}. If you haven't picked up any aggro yet, feel free to loot it. Otherwise I suggest ignoring these until the mission is complete - you can always come back to this area.

Turn and follow the corridor back to the elevator {E1}. Go down.

Follow the corridor straight ahead to the control room. Usually the 4 mobs in here don't pay much attention to you. There are 4 terminals here. The person carrying the disk should use both of the forward-most terminals {CA and CB}, to obtain access codes to the Armory and Bridge. Leave the control room. Take the slanty corridor on the left, turn right, forwards and into the starting corridor again. Turn right, follow the corridor to the elevator {E2}. Go down.

This time take the left slanty corridor, forwards then turn right at the T junction. Follow the corridor all the way along to the large square room at the back of the ship. CAREFUL! This room contains at least 2 super battle droids (SBD). You're aiming to get the droid module carrier through this room, down the ramp to the right, and to drop the module onto the broken R2 droid {R2} that is down there. This opens the forcefield so you can access the terminal {C3} to unlock the meeting room. But this job is very tricky because of the SBDs, which are very watchful.

Suggested strategies:
  • Send one well-buffed team member into the room, attempting to walk to the objective. As soon as they're attacked, they should break into a run. Sneaking seems to be the most effective strategy.
  • The SBDs are supposed to be hostile to the other mobs. Maybe a smuggler could drag mobs into this room, or SBDs into a mob room, then feign death. Or a volunteer does the same, but dies for real :-(. However, I've never seen them attack the mobs, so I think this may be a thing that's changed since earlier walkthroughs.
  • Send the tank droids into the room, all together, to attack the furthest SBD (note - we tried the one just behind the door, but he was too near our group and attacked us instead). Someone takes advantage of the distraction to run through.
  • Split the team into 3 groups of 3, plus the runner. Each group occupies one SBD while the runner does their stuff.
  • A small group of tanks attracts the attention of the SBDs, then runs for the elevator. SBDs generally don't follow you through elevators - and in fact, if they do, then you can often use the elevator again and leave them behind.
  • With a strong enough strike team, attempt to take out the SBDs one by one. This could take a long time unless you have some very heavy hitters in the group.
Once you've unlocked the meeting room, get out of the SBD room ASAP! Follow the corridor back along, and take the slanting corridor (second left) back to the elevator area {E2}. Follow the other slanting corridor along, left at the T junction, back to the meeting room {MR} (first door on the left). Now you can enter, and unlock the elevators with the terminal (try to avoid attracting the attention of the mobs in the meeting room - the terminal can be used from the doorway).

Elevators unlocked  
If you're doing the destroy mission, you have some extra tasks at this point. If not, skip ahead to Heading forwards.

If you didn't yet get Disk #4, and the bridge access code, then follow those steps in the instructions above.

From the meeting room doorway, turn left and follow the curving corridor towards the rear of the ship. Pause before you enter the big square room. This room contains more SBDs, so you'll need to use similar tactics to before to get past them. Your objective is the upwards ramp in the middle of the room, which leads around to the fuel control {FC}. Someone has to sneak through and set the fuel control to the highest setting, then get back out again. Once you've set the fuel controls, return to the meeting room - just follow the curving corridor.

Heading forwards  
Leave the meeting room, and walk back along the corridor towards the front of the ship. Pass and ignore the slanting corridor that you arrived from on the right, and take the next slanty corridor to the right.

CAREFUL! The star-shaped room ahead is patrolled by several tough and alert mobs. Watch the map to time your next steps.

If you're doing the assassinate mission, you need to head across the room, to the corridor ahead and to the right. Follow that to a T junction. In the cupboard on the right is some possible loot {L2} - might as well grab it now (you can loot 2 containers here - a defunct astromech and an armoire). In the room to the left, is the code for the port officer's quarters {CP}.

If you're not doing the assassinate mission, you could just grab the loot, or you might choose to concentrate on the mission. Up to you...

Anyway, next objective is the corridor that leads to the front of the ship from the star-shaped room. This is ahead and to the left if you've just come from the meeting room, or sharp right if you grabbed the codes/loot.

In the next room (with a hole in the middle) are the hyperdrive controls {H}. Set these to the lowest setting if you're doing the destroy mission, otherwise just pass straight through this room.

Follow the corridor ahead, until you reach the T junction. If you're not doing the rescue mission, head left and get into the elevator at the end of the corridor {E3}, and skip ahead to Final areas.

For the rescue mission, you have to head to the elevator at the end of the right-hand corridor first {E4}. Go down.

Follow the corridor around the corner, then left and ahead to the cockpit {CP}. Grab the prisoner access codes from the terminal, then go back, right, and follow the corridor back to the elevator {E4}. Go up. Follow the corridor all the way along to the elevator at the other end {E3}.

Final areas  
Now you're in the last bit, where you get to make the assassination, free the prisoners, or set the final part of the self-destruct.

Go down in the elevator.

Follow the corridor forwards, then left through a door. On the first left is the port officers quarters, where your target {I} lives (but not for long!). Gather the team outside the door, then enter the code and go in to finish him off. He's quite tough - 160k HAM, and generally high resists except to acid, blast and electricity. Sometimes he tries to run - if so, you'll need to chase him down. I've seen him get stuck in a wall. If this happens, try area attacks on other mobs to flush him out, or just all leave the area and come back - when our group did this, he moved and became unstuck so we could finish him. When he's dead, you get the message that your mission is complete, and you can skip ahead to Escape pods.

Leave the elevator and follow the corridor straight ahead to the prison compound {P}. Use the prison access codes to enter the prison room. To complete the mission, you need to talk to the correct prisoner (should be obvious which this is, or just talk to all of them). You can't talk while aggroed, which makes this tricky. You can try to get incapped near or in the prison, or get a doc into there to rez other team-mates, thereby dropping the aggro. After talking, you should get the "mission complete" message - then skip ahead to Escape pods.

Leave the elevator and follow the corridor, go through the door on the first left. Head straight along this corridor to the bridge {B}. Enter the bridge codes to gain access. In here, you need to set the engine controls {EC} to the lowest setting. Once this is done you should get the mission complete message.

Escape pods  
You use the escape pods to return home, either because you've completed the mission or you've run out of time or you're just sick of dying.

From the front of the ship : return to the elevator {E3}. Go up. Exit the elevator, and follow the corridor to the crossroads (one door to the left, one door to the right).

At this point you could loot the armory, if you have the access code, but there's probably an SBD in there. To risk this, enter the room on the left. A loot locker {L3} is through the right hand door in the far wall, the armory {A} is through the left hand door. Once you're finished looting, go back out of the large room and go straight through the door ahead.

If you're not looting, take the door on the right.

Follow this corridor to the hyperdrive room {H}, then straight through to the star-shaped room. Loot the cupboard at {L2} if you didn't already.

From the star-shaped room, go right down the slanty corridor towards the back, port side of the ship. At the end of that corridor, go left then first right. At the T junction ahead, turn right, and the escape pod is directly in front of you. Use the controls to leave the ship (you can leave one at a time).

From the starting/cloning area: Go all the way along the starting corridor to the elevator {E2}. Go down. Take the right slanty corridor, at the T junction at the end go right, then first left. At the T junction ahead go right, the escape capsule is directly in front of you.

Getting the schematic  
When you use the escape pods, or if you run out of time, you arrive back at the departure shuttle point. If you completed the mission, all team members can go to the original mission-giver to claim their AV-21 schematic. Congratulations!

Other thoughts  
Some other thoughts:
  • The destroy mission must be done in the right order - from back to front.
  • Feign Death generally doesn't work very well on the corvette these days, because SBDs will aggro as soon as you stand up again.
  • Powerplants don't spawn every trip - about 1 in 4 trips, roughly.
  • Berserker Rifle loot is from imperial missions only.
  • It looks like there could be loot in the Meeting Room's twin room, but there's not. Still, it looks quite cool in there.

Quick reference  
Mission Waypoints:
Faction Mission Type Waypoint Area Planet Spaceport Notes
Imperial Assassin Start -1291 -3539
Lt Sabol
Bestine Tattooine Bestine

WP1 -2557 3005 Afarathu Cave Corellia Kor Vella Black container opposite the chair

WP2 -6676 5557 Abandoned Rebel Base Dantooine ??? Black container inside building on right inside gate

WP3 5696 1952 Crashed Spacecraft Dathomir Dath Outpost

Destroy Start 2405 -3967
Lt Velso
Emperor's Retreat Naboo ???

WP1 134 -5349 Anchorhead Tattooine Bestine Next to rebel recruiter

WP2 7197 -4090 Janta Stronghold Dantooine ??? Drum near bottom of cave

WP3 2143 -5649 Erran Sif Talus ??? Directly ahead on entry into second room

Rescue Start -5321 2702
Col Darkstone
Imperial Oasis Tattooine ???

WP1 ??? Droid Engineer Cave Lok Nym's Very bottom of cave, at end of left branch

WP2 5200 1600 Rogue Corsec Base Corellia Doaba Guerfel Very bottom of smaller multilevel building

WP3 ??? Woolamander Palace Yavin IV ??? Along right wall near harrowers
Neutral Assassin Start -5914 -6232
Jabba's Palace Tattooine Bestine Near Ephant Mon

WP1 5571 -4064 Binayre Pirates Talus Dearic

WP2 -1507 -1729 Pirate Bunker Naboo Theed Room on the right just after the start

WP3 -3895 -3814 Canyon Corsairs Lok Nym's container inside one of the huts

Destroy Start -580 -6220
Bruce McBrain
Jabba's Palace Tattooine Bestine Just inside palace entrance

WP1 2911 1099 Mauler Stronghold Naboo Keren Chest

WP2 5230 1593 Rogue Corsec Base Corellia Doaba Guerfel In a desk, not the container next to it

WP3 2475 -1542 Nightsister Labor Camp Dathomir Science OP Damaged drum in alcove off first large open area

Rescue Start -5150 -6588
Wayfar Cantina Tattooine Bestine In one of the side alcoves of the cantina

WP1 -4821 -4743 Kahmurra Lab Talus Dearic Rusty container near bottom

WP2 1353 -329 Nyax Hideout Corellia Doaba Guerfel Bookcase just before end room

WP3 2135 3686 Korga Cave Endor Smuggler OP Rusty container at end of right branch
Rebel Assassin Start 6772 -5697
Pashna Starkiller
Bela Vistal Corellia Bela Vistal Standing at the side of the cantina

WP1 -6333 -476 Geonosian Cave Yavin IV Labour OP Small crate, in the square room with the geonosian who wants his datapad back. Door codes (in order) are 32281, 12872, 51892. 51892

WP2 -3978 6260 Fort Tusken Tattooine Mos Espa Centre of cave, small crate

WP3 -7065 -3326 Mokk Stronghold Dantooine Imp. Outpost Damaged metal drum

Destroy Start -3404 3092
M Sgt Crowley
Kor Vella Corellia Kor Vella Near the cantina

WP1 -1891 -3032 Imp Base Lok Nym's In fenced-in area

WP2 -6310 754 Imp Prison Dathomir Science Outpost By desk where prisoner is behind bars

WP3 5451 5025 Cobral Base Rori Restuss Bookshelf, 2nd level down

Rescue Start -5448 -2674
Adar Tallon
Tyrena Corellia Tyrena Near shuttleport B

WP1 -526 -3870 Warren Dantooine Agro Outpost Table in first big room

WP2 3658 2185 Crash Site Lok Nym's Crate in small room

WP3 -6352 749 Imp Prison Dathomir Science Outpost Storage crate in cell buildings

Mission Procedure:
Type Goals
Assassin Unlock elevators, get port officer code, open door, kill target
Rescue Unlock elevators, get prisoner code, speak to prisoner
Destroy Unlock elevators, get bridge code, fuel to high, hyperdrive low, bridge low

See here for maps of the interior.

Loot locations:
  • Armoire just past "disk #4" room.
  • Inside defunct astromech, just opposite port officer codes room (in the tiny round room).
  • Armoire next to the astromech, in the tiny round room.
  • Armoire inside armory.
For the armoires, you can use '/tar armo' to target them from a distance. You can't do anything similar for the astromech (as far as I know).

There are no other known loot locations.

Thanks to all the other walkthroughs on the web that helped me to get started with the corvette - particularly Allakhazam and Belita.

And /healwound to all the willing meat-shields that have accompanied me up there :-).

Any comments, please contact