Resource Information  

These pages contain resource information collated from, filtered according to their usefulness to specific professions.

To use them, click on the "Resources" link at the left, select your galaxy from the list and select the professions that you're interested in. The "score" column gives an overall score for the resource, for the criterion given in the "notes" column. A score of 1000 is the perfect resource, 0 is rubbish! Note that each resource has to meet a certain score threshold before it will be shown on the list - so these are all the best current resources available in their class.

You can click on any column to sort the list by that column, and again to reverse the sort order.

Email Updates  

I also run a free email update service based on this data that can alert you when new resources spawn that are of interest to you. If you're interested in signing up, please send an email to with details of your server name, and the professions that you're interested in.

The updates are sent out twice a day, at 07:00 and 17:30 UK time, at the same time as these pages are updated.

Featured Galaxies  

The following galaxies are currently supported:


If you don't see your galaxy listed, and you'd like it to be, just let me know and I'll add it as soon as I can.

Wrong Data  

All scores are based on formulae from the resource schematics. The resource stats highlighted in red are the ones that the formulae takes into account. If you think the calculation is wrong, please email me at giving details of the correct schematic formula. I've pretty much given up on crafting personally, so I rely on information from other people to keep this stuff up-to-date.

Remember too that this service, and SWGCraft, rely upon updates from players. Without those updates, both services would die. If you're a surveyor, please consider updating the data on SWGCraft whenever you go out surveying.